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購買3件或以上不同小動物產品金額滿$500, 即可獲取95折優惠 




                        (Mainly supply for ferret breeders and recommended by most vets !!)


 Marshall Farms has been the premier ferret provider since 1939 and has been known to breed the world’s friendliest ferrets. Marshall Pet Products, established in 1993, continues to provide pet solutions not only for ferrets, but also for other pets such as cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, hamsters, rats, gerbils, and guinea pigs.

Marshall Pet Products offers pet supplies in every category including; nutrition, treats, grooming, health care items, supplements, toys, cage accessories, litter and odor control, harnesses, travel accessories and more! 





                         FD-017a     Marshall Premium Ferret Food 全能貂鼠糧  22oz     $128

                   FD-017b     Marshall Premium Ferret Food 全能貂鼠糧  4lbs      $268

                   FD-017c     Marshall Premium Ferret Food 全能貂鼠糧  7lbs      $388

             Marshall Premium Ferret Diet was developed by a respected team of veterinarians, nutritionists and ferret experts. Its high protein content and ideal balance of essential amino acids make it the perfect diet for ferrets at all stages of life. Our patented low-heat process retains vital nutrients that other diets don’t. Freshness is guaranteed.




                         FD-430      美國 Marshall 貂鼠專用營養雞粉 9oz $98






                   FD-259    Marshall Premium Ferret for Senior   成年 / 老年 貂鼠糧   4lbs   $258

Senior Formula was designed specifically for ferrets that are older (4 + years) overweight, or less active. It contains less fat and proteins than our regular diet to meet the needs of aging ferrets. Promotes overall good health and glossy coat.





                               FD-362   Marshall Select Chicken Formula Ferret  4lbs    $268


 Marshall Pet Products introduces Select, a new premium ferret diet with 3lbs of fresh chicken used to make a 4lb bag. Marshall Select Ferret Diet is an excellent source of nutrition for ferrets of any age, rich in Omega 3s and amino acids. Marshall understands that ferrets, like their owners, have a discerning palate, which is why they created this tasty, protein-rich diet.



                         FD-379   Marshall Carnivore Plus - High Protein Fomular 3.5lbs   $278


Marshall Carnivore Plus Premium Ferret Diet was developed by a respected team of veterinarians, nutritionists and ferret experts. Carnivore Plus is grain free and gluten free and made with fresh chicken as the #1 ingredient. It's packed with nutrients and amino acids preserved by our slow-cook process. So it has everything a ferret diet should have. Nothing it shouldn't.



Uncle Jim's Duck Soup Mix has been used successfully to improve and stimulate ferret's appetites, is a natural supplement for ferrets with ECE and POST ECE, helps to boost the immune system of ferrets and helps to bring a ferret's digestive system in order. Can be used as a paste, supplement or can be mixed with Furo-Tone and Furo-Vite for easy dosing.                  



      FS-341   Uncle Jim's Duk Soup Mix 4.5oz  營養雞湯料   $80 



                         FS-380   Goodbye Odor  除臭小食  71g  $59 

GoodBye Odor Treats for Ferrets is the only safe and natural solution that works inside the ferret's digestive tract to neutralize odors before they get out. No more spraying harsh chemicals to mask odors. GoodBye Odor is made in the USA with natural ingredients and and is vet tested and approved. 

Feed 2-3 treats per day per ferret. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only


                         FS-381   LAX CHEWS 煙肉味去毛球小食  3oz  $59



                         FD-423  Marshall 三文魚塊大餐  6oz  $59







           FD-018    Bandits Ferret Treats "Original Chicken" 原味鮮雞肉  3oz       $49

           FD-205    Bandits Ferret Treats "Meaty Bacon"  超香焙根肉       3oz        $49

           FD-322    Bandits Ferret Treats "Peanut Butter"  花生牛奶         3oz        $47

           FD-363    Bandits Ferret Treats "Chicken Crunchy" 脫水雞肉    2oz        $47

           FD-383    Bandits Ferret Treats "Raisin Flavor" 大紅葡萄乾        3oz        $47







        FG-227    Aloe Vera Shampoo 蘆薈清香沐浴液  8oz                           $98

        FG-228    Brightening Formula Shampoo 闪涼配方精華沐浴液 8oz  $98

        FG-352    Tea Tree Oil Shampoo  茶樹油防敏沐浴液  8oz                 $128       

        FG-021    Ferret Daily Spritz   天然日用香水 (BB香味)                        $98

Marshall Daily Spritz Baby Fresh

Just a quick spray of Marshall Daily Spritz controls odor and keeps Fuzzy’s coat lush and beautiful. And it’s pH balanced for a ferret’s body chemistry, so it’s safe and non-irritating.

Product Features:

  • Use between baths
    • Eliminates musky ferret odor
      • Conditions as it freshens for a healthy sheen
        • Enriches coat color and improves appearance
          • Easy to use
            • Natural, gentle formula
              • Baby fresh scent






                           FS-077   Fur & Skin Tone  維他命美毛液 237mL     8oz  $98

                           FS-173   Ferret LAX  去毛球化毛膏         4oz     $98

                           FS-389   Furo VITE    全能營養膏         3.5oz     $102


                       FS-389b   Probiotic + Digestive Tract Conditioner  小寵專用益菌胃仙U  1.7 oz.  $128

              Marshall ProBiotic is a highly effective digestive tract conditioner for ferrets and other small animals. Formulated with Lactobacillus Acidophilus, this beneficial supplement helps to restore digestive balance by naturally enhancing digestive health and nutrient absorption. It conditions ferrets that have experienced ECE (Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis), and is an excellent recovery aid for animals suffering from digestive stress and diarrhea. Made in the U.S.A.

              Ingredients Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, Bifidobacterium Bifidum Fermentation Product, Streptococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Product, Yeast, Torula, Yucca Product




                    FS-127    Upper Respiratory Treatment 預防上呼吸毛病保健液  2oz   $128

                     Aides ferrets that have runny noses, head and chest congestion and labored breathing.

                     Natural ingredients work to open nasal passages and increase oxygen flow.





                                         FG-189     Dental Gel  貂鼠專用潔齒液  2oz  $88

              Marshall’s Dental Gel is pH balanced and formulated with baking soda and aloe vera. It gently and effectively cleans, polishes, and deodorizes the mouth.

              Product Features:

              • Fresh mint flavor creates cleaner-smelling breath.
              • pH balanced with baking soda and aloe vera.




                                      FT-174    Superchew (咬牙肉味玩具) 3件裝  $78


                Toys and treats in one! Ferrets can't resist chewing or snacking. Now  you can give them a toy and treat in one with Superchews. The treats are healthy because they are protein-based and sugar-free.







                               FP-360    Hangin' Monkey Hammock 長臂猴子吊床 (特大)   $288

                The Hanging Monkey Hammock is perfect for haning inside of pet's cage. Made of a soft fleece fabric this hammock has two openings for tunneling. Hammock is a great palce for both playtime and reast time.




                                   FP-361  Pirate Ship 海盜船吊籃   $298







                                 FP-371  Pirate Hat 海盜帽小屋    $258

              •                  FT-365  Turtle Tunnel 隧道    $288






                                FT-190   Super Thru-Way  特長隧道玩具    $308

                Watch your ferrets have hours of  fun tunneling through 20 feet of expandable, clear tubing. Excellent interactive toy!



                                FP-054   Deluxe Hammock  特大雙層吊床    $238

                                                 Dimensions: 24"H x 14" L

                The deluxe leisure lounge is the king of all hammocks. Animals love it and if you have more than one, this is a must have item! Made of synthetic lamb’s wool for extra comfort. Clips easily to most cages and material is machine washable. Adjustable straps.



                  FP-367   二合一吊床    $288


                                                         FP-041   夏威義小紅tee   $85




                                                  FP-1033d   花花小頸圈   $65







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